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What the Heck is a rucRak?

rucRak FAQ

rucRak will it fit?

Yes, it will fit on your aftermarket tire carrier. Most aftermarket tire carriers move the tire away from the tailgate and up from the bumper from its stock location.

The load handler can be adjusted to accommodate the tire moved out.

If your tire carrier moves the tire UP from its stock location, then you will need longer bolts for the rubber feet.  You can contact us at and we will get you the right sized bolts. 

For Wrangler and Bronco spare-mounted applications, we now provide a mounting system that allows the rucRak to mount to a stock spare wheel or to most aftermarket wheel & tire applications with up to a

Maximum Wheel (rim) size of 19×10 wide wheel (rim).  Tire size is not a factor, only the diameter and width of your WHEEL.

If you have an aftermarket wheel, Please see our Wheel Size Chart here:
Wheel Size Chart

Yes.  There are two other options to mount your rucRak.  

1-You can order our Recreation Bundle, which mounts the rucRak directly to the load handler and then inserts it into a 2″ hitch receiver for a static mount hitch.

This will provide a static, hitch-mounted rucRak. Just be aware, if you have a tailgate, this option will NOT allow you to access the tailgate.

2-You can order our Swing-Away Hitch Mounted Bundle, which plugs into your hitch and swings out 120 degrees giving you 100% access to your tailgate.

The cargo basket is 16W x 36L.

The tailgate table is 16W x 36L.

​If you are not using the load handler, refer to the manufacturer’s weight limit of the brand of tire carrier you have.  We do not recommend putting more than 50lbs on a stock tire carrier and stock tailgate hinges without the aid of our load handler.

When using our hitch mounted load handler in conjunction with the rucRak, we recommend a max weight capacity of 125lbs.

Depending on configuration, the rucRak itself weighs 27-32 lbs.

The rucRak is made from 5052-H32 aluminum sheet and 6063-T6 aluminum tube, with all stainless steel fasteners and hardware to drastically reduce rust and corrosion.

The load handler and swing arm is made from .125 steel tube, then powder coated for a durable long lasting finish.

It should take you under an hour to fully assemble your rucRak and install it.

Please see our instruction and install manual here: Installation Manual

We will send you 3 specialty lugs to replace the lugs on your spare. You will then mount the rucRak to those lugs using the bolts we send you in the mounting kit. The rucRak then rides on your spare and the load handler when the tailgate is closed.

The rucRak can hold 2 (two) bikes with wheel bases from 25″ to 45″ and up to 4″ wide tires.

Kids bikes all the way to adult sized mountain bikes!

E-bikes are not recommended unless the combined weight is under 125 lbs.

rucRak Inc, its owners or subsidiaries will not be responsible for any damage done to your clothes, person, vehicle, or accessories when attacked by the droves of women that will come within minutes of attaching your rucRak.

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