Jason & Mary Morgan

A lifelong outdoorsman, shade-tree mechanic and “bubble gum” fabricator, Jason has been quoted as saying “Why let anyone else do what you can do better?”

The inspiration for rucRak came to Jason on a trip to the beach with his then fiance and now wife, Mary. After a few years of collaboration with Co-Founder Ron Morrison, a friend and former next-door neighbor, rucRak was born. rucRak IS the most versatile cargo carrier on the market!!

“I would never have been able to pull this off without my wife. She does all the 1000 little thankless tasks in the background that keep our life going so I can focus on this. It’s because of her that I can keep going”.

He says, “If you don’t buy something from us, spend your money on American made products and services and use small businesses as much as you can.”


Ronnie & Julie Morrison

Ronnie & Julie Morrison come to rucRak Inc. with a passion for design and a desire to get out and explore.

After relocating to Raleigh, NC from Ronnie’s birth city of Columbus, OH some 8 years ago, their travels landed them next door to Jason Morgan and thus, a collaborating bond was established.

Ronnie brings 30+ years of engineering experience with influences in industrial, structural and electrical design. His design work has contributed to the automotive industry in Detroit, MI, the insulation and power industries in the Midwest, as well as high voltage substation design in the California, Texas and the Eastern power grid regions.

When Ronnie is offline, he likes to take Julie exploring in her birth state along with their 3 kids and their dog, Bones. “The Carolina’s offer an amazing combination of mountains, lakes, trails, parks and beaches. It’s the perfect place to inspire and perfect the rucRak’s patented cargo system.”


Paul & Migdalia Wisnewski

Paul Wisnewski, originally from Chicago, grew up in a great neighborhood. His dad had a small fastener business and nurtured Paul’s interest in classic cars, specifically Cadillac’s from the 50’s and 60’s.

Paul is in the transportation business and has a background in sales, automotive, and hardware.

He married his amazing wife, Migdalia and moved to N.C. He enjoys traveling, riding his Harley, showing off their 1964 Cadillac and playing men’s (actually beer league) ice hockey league.

“When Jason showed me the rucRak, I knew it was a great product! I love learning about Jeep’s and really enjoy talking to our customers and listening to their stories of off-roading and overlanding.”